("THE WORLD OF DAHLIA'S IN THE 21st CENTURY") This two hour video (which is in four parts) is one of the very best videos ever made about the dahlia flower and it shows just how versatile the dahlia is for the showman, the flower arrangers, for garden decoration and their use interplanted with other garden plants in your herbaceous borders.

Michael Mann, Whinchester Growers Ltd

Sarah Thomas, The Nat Collection

Mark Twyning Hybridisation at W.G.

The National Dahlia Collection of well over two thousand species is held by Winchester Growers at Varfell Farm, Penzance, in Cornwall and is the biggest of its kind in the UK. It is looked after by Sarah Thomas, a very dedicated lady. To see the whole collection in flower and all in one place will take your breath away. It is indescribable and has to be seen to be believed!!
Mark Twyning talks with Sarah Thomas about hybridisation and how new varieties are produced to extend a dahlia collection to produce new dahlia flowers never seen before.

Judy Pearce Owner of Lady Farm

Ted Arnold Gardener at Lady Farm

Jon Wheatley Executive, N.D.S.

Lady Farm Which is owned and run by Judy and Malcolm Pearce is situated deep in the heart of the Bristol countryside.It has wonderful views overlooking the picturesque countryside. The central feature is a beautiful lake inhabited by a family of white swans. The garden borders around the house features a profusion of interplanted dahlia's.

Fred Bishop Champion Dahlia Showman

JJune Nash Executive, N.D.S.

Richard Cook Dahlia Species Breeder

Jon Weatley talks about the use of dahlias on the patio in pots and demonstrates how to take care of the dahlia tuber's in winter, also how to divide one tuber into a number of parts to produce more plants and how to take and grow dahlia cuttings.

A visit to Fred Bishop's garden, the top N.D.S. showman talks with Jon Wheatley about the types of dahlias that he likes to grow and show. Fred is an all time champion, that has won endless silver medals at the National Dahlia Shows. We also visit the garden of Richard Cook , a leading dahlia species breeder who talks about different types of dahlias and their history.
Another visit that we make is to talk with Mary Payne, in her garden, about her use of the dahlia and how it fits in with her planting schemes and limited space. Mary has what is believed to be one of the smallest gardens in the United Kingdom.

Christopher Lloyd, Great Dixter

Fergus Garrett, Gardener at Great Dixter

Mary Payne, Garden Consultant

We visit the Dahlia trial grounds at Wisley Gardens in Surrey with Jon Weatley. Jon talks about the various types of dahlia's on show and he also interviews Judy Pearce who is also visiting the Wisley Trial Grounds to select new dahlia varieties for her borders for next season.
Our final visit is to Great Dixter the home of that World renowned and famous garden writer Christopher Lloyd, who has written many books on planting out garden herbaceous borders. The dahlia is one of Christopher's favourite flowers and in our visit to Great Dixter Jon Weatley talks with Mr Lloyd about his reasons and methods of dahlia planting in the long borders.

As we walk around the gardens Jon talks with Christopher Lloyd and his head gardener Fergus Garrett. We start to get a focus on his ideas and meaningful layouts as we tour the long borders and the tropical gardens, everywhere one see's the subtle use of dahlias.
Jon also talks with Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter Gardens about the dahlia, what his dahlia preferences are and what he thinks about the dahlia in the Twenty First Century.

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